Thursday, May 19, 2005

Fill the void

I have half an hour left until the review/question session by professor Broverman for SOA/CAS Exam FM, so I thought I should update my abandoned blog.

Past few weeks have been uneventful, except for:

1. Finished last university exam. Done for the year.

2. Worked two days at my internship, then my boss left the town until the 16th. On the 16th he came back sick. I am grateful for all this, since I have a lot of exam prep to do until the 26th. Exam FM is easier than the first one, but I have significantly less time to study for it. Work, both days, was great. Wrote several reports, met a few new people, attended board meeting, had a conference call with Accounting Director of Toronto Stock Exchange (my friends, I apologize to all of you to whom I said he was Vice President) and generally had fun in the financial district of Toronto wearing a suit.

3. Attended a concert of my friends. It was their debut. Check my site for pictures.

4. Made US$50 by posting 3 links in the Sponsored Links section. The source of the revenue will stay hidden for selfish purposes.

5. ... I think this is it for fun. The rest of the time was spent in the library, crunching bonds, annuities, sinking funds and forces of interest. It is a potential candidate to the FUN section, but not yet.

Well, this is about it. I have neglected my Bloglines list of blogs to check. The only one I have been checking once in a while is Neville's. The guy is just too funny and street-smart. Highly recommend!

Well, must run now! Must get those questions answered.

Wish me luck on the 26th...