Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hello there!
Welcome to my blog, I guess. Never did I believe that I would be sucked into this cyber mess.
Let's see, what brought me to this?

Let me tell you about myself first. I am a student in University of Toronto, studying Economics and Statistics. I am also pursuing the career path of an actuary. I took the first Exam P (Probability) of Society of Actuaries last Spring and planning to take Exam MF (Mathematics of Finance) this time around.

To explain why I am writing all this down:

1. I was looking for work/internship/volunteering for this summer and looked all over the place for advice. I found some great stuff and would like to share all this, so that someone in my position would not be as lost as I was.

2. I have secured a position as a volunteer-intern in one of Toronto's Investment Banking companies. It's a small company with a finite number of projects and they do everything from M&A, IPOs, Corporate advisories etc. I am a complete newbie in all this. I'd like to document my learning curve for others to take note of.

3. I would like to document my progress in exam taking/passing of SOA, because I believe it will make me more organized.

For now that is all.