Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today's Bits and Pieces

Well, not a bad day, considering that yesterday THEY promised 15 degrees for today and it was in fact 10 and very windy. I don't know what those guys do there, but please don't tell me that they don't have a big enough sample size to predict the weather! (a little nerdy joke as a result of day-long stats prep :) )

Besides that, I found out:

1. ... that there is an insurance company that deals only with religious associations. The Waterloo-based Society was founded in 1972 as Lutheran Life Insurance Society of Canada.

2. ... the difference between Frequentist and Bayesian schools in statistics.

3. ... Laplace was able to use STATISTICS!!! to calculate the mass of Saturn.

4. ... that when asked by Napoleon about why he didn't mention God in his book on astronomy, Laplace said "I have no need of that hypothesis".

And I also put out a measly 1.5 hours of actuarial studying. What a joke... Those increasing annuities with payments increasing less often than interest in compounded make me sick.