Friday, April 01, 2005

Market update and Internship first meetings!

Sorry for a delay, this is a post as of Friday, April 1st. I drafted it and forgot about it.

As proposed, a weekly update of my virtual portfolio on VSE.

and a detailed layout here.

Today was my first serious meeting with my summer employer. He is a senior managing director of this company. As with the meeting before, I had to catch him, because he was meeting-hopping. After finally catching him on at BCE Place, wasting $7 on a cab from the office to this place, we had no time to talk and rushed to the meeting. I really appreciated him taking me to the meeting and listening in on their discussion, without even getting to sign a confidentiality agreement, which I was supposed to do at the beginning of my employment. The meeting lasted about 2 hours, quite informative, yet not exhaustive.

Then we rushed to the company's lawyer, thankfully only across the street. They had to send a response to a particularly nasty group email, which was sent to the whole team of people, working on the current project. That was fun, plus I got to know the lawyer, who is a down-to-earth guy in his 30's. Both of them told me that we will be spending lots of time working together during my summer internship.

Overall, the experience was great. I got to meet new people, see how they waste company time and compare their offices. This is just a joke, actually both of them seemed like two very hard-working individuals. Same said for my employer.

Time studied for actuarial exam -- 0 hours.
I will have to catch up next week after my stats exam.