Saturday, April 16, 2005

Exam High Time!

I must apologize in advance, since I will not be able to write much for the next two weeks. Although I have only two exams this semester, one has 300 pages of in-class notes and the other is extremely tricky Corporate Finance. I don’t think that I will have much free time until it’s over. Even then, I will have one day shy of one month to study for the actuarial exam on May 26th, so no partying for me either.

On the bright note, I will start my summer internship after the school exams are over, at least on the part-time basis. Even though the job specifications mentioned part-time, I believe that after my actuarial exam I will be putting in way more hours than that.

Another issue have been researching lately is the Canadian Securities Course offered by the Canadian Securities Institute. I know very little about it, the only thing that really intrigues me is that the company is willing to pay for it, if I decide to take the two two-hour exams in the summer. I will post about the course later. Also, if someone took it and/or knows anything about the course and its benefits, could you please comment on that? I am interested in how long it takes to study for it, the level of difficulty for the person studying economics and finance and what can you do with just that course.

See you all soon.