Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Financial Mathematics Exam FM studying

Right now I am studying for Financial Mathematics Exam FM of Society of Actuaries. I will write it on May 26th. When I began studying for it in January I made a pact to finish my study manual by Sam Broverman by the end of March. Well, two days are left to the deadline and I’ve just defeated a half.

This means it’s time to make a plan and actually stick to it!

I have a Statistics mid-term/final on April 4th, final in Economic History on April 19th and a final in Corporate Finance on April 27th. If I manage to get up early every day and put in at least 2-3 hours of actuarial exam study time, it would be ideal.

Let’s see, I will only be able to do that five days a week, Thursday being a rehearsal day and Sunday being a day-off. I will have 22 days until April 27th of 2-3 hour/day studying and 24 days in May of 8 hours/day. So in total I will have: 3 x 22 + 8 x 24 = 258 hours of studying which is more than enough for a person who took some of the material on the exam in a course at the University of Toronto. However, this is a very optimistic view on things, since I would probably have to spend some time on my internship/job in May, because I told my employer that I would be available after school’s over.

Today, I managed to put out 2 hours of actuarial studying, besides some more of Stats prep for April 4th. Let’s see how I manage from now on…

P.S. Never type a blog entry in a browser window. It can always time out and you’ll lose the whole post. This is a second time I am writing the same thing, this time in Word.