Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Crunch time...

Two days left until the exam. I never thought that I am capable of being so nervous. I wasn't for the first exam. I don't remember ever ever having an anxiety attack, but I had one a week ago, during my first timed practice test.

I went to the free review session by Sam Broverman, who is an Actuarial Science professor at University of Toronto and he said that the test under the new redesigned system is nothing like SOA did before. Generally they tend to allocate 10 questions per hour, but this time, rumors have it, there will be 25 questions for two hours. This is quite a lot, need I say more!

Tomorrow I am taking a day off -- absolutely no studying, except for flash-cards review. I don't want to loose my head during the exam from anxiety and tiredness from overdoing the problems the night before. This seems to be the common habit on the actuarial forum.

I am looking forward to 12 pm on Thursday, which is after my exam.