Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Back again.

It is not that easy to write a blog, actually, it is not easy keep up with it. I finished my Actuarial Exam FM on May 26th and now it is June 14th. Let me catch up.

The exam went well, surprisingly well. I finished it in 1.5 hours out of two and had time to go over. (actually, as I was going over it I came a cross one problem that I skipped. Solving it, took another 20 minutes!!!!)

There is a very useful and very illegal thing, which is done by some people on the forum I frequent. It is called PAK, or Popular Answer Key. Society of Actuaries prohibits exam takers from taking the exam results from the examination room, but people program the answers into their calculators, so that they can participate in PAK. The name is self explanatory, the answer that was the most popular among the candidates is considered to be correct for any given question. People who usually compile PAK also include the probability of any given answer being correct.

Anyways, I got 22/25 correct according to PAK!!! Later that week the Society released the exam with the preliminary answers (the real result will be available on July 6th) -- and again I got 22/25. Should I be happy yet???

That same day, after the exam, I started my internship full time, after going to the bar (at noon!) alone!

Ever since then, I have been here, on the 37th floor in First Canadian Place, downtown Toronto, with occasional outings to see my girlfriend and sleep (weekends not included, thank God!!!). It has been just over two weeks and I have learned a bunch already, be that due diligence, legal statements, RTOs, accounting statements, transaction processes etc. Been to one shareholders' meeting, ate at a restaurant on their account and generally met tons of people, expanding my network of connections, which will come in handy when looking for full-time employment next year.

A bit later I will write a post about due diligence, for now, back to work...